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Sage 10 - Browsersync proxy remote URL - inject changes

Hey all, I’m giving Sage 10 a spin, and it seems that the Laravel Mix/Browsersync config doesn’t support injecting (or streaming) of CSS/JS changes into the browser.

I’m developing on a remote server, and I have an SFTP plugin that automatically syncs my view changes to the remote machine. When CSS/Js changes occur, the proxied site is reloaded, but changes aren’t streamed inline as they used to be with Sage 9. (Meaning I only see HTML changes until I manually upload the dist.

I understand I could modify my SFTP setup to upload built files from dist as well, but this kind of setup used to work in Sage 9 and I was wondering if there is any way to achieve it?

I’ve dug through much of the browser sync docs and mix docs to try and find a way to make this happen, but it seems mildly impossible.

Note; this is using the plain vanilla Sage 10 mix config - no changes.


Update -

Gave up after spending way too long on this.

Instead it was just easier to configure an external watcher to upload my files.

If anyone does come up with a solution, I’d be glad to know!

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