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I’ve recently install sage 10 using the git clone feature which i presume has pulled out the most up to date master branch. I’ve noticed that out of of the box a few issues and i’m wondering if I should go a few versions when Laravel Mix was in play. I’ve previously come from sage 9 by the way.

  • The proxy url excludes the http:// for localhost and thus appears that yarn dev doesn’t load the styles correctly even though my local url is setup correctly in bud.config.

UPDATE: The following issue was updated as I noticed a change 3 days ago to the bud image folder. asset.

  • Images do not compile int he the public folder (see attached).

Which master branch commit would be ideal to work from?

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Issue was opened here: Failed to load resource: unsupported URL · Issue #771 · roots/bud · GitHub

I believe this was fixed earlier this week?

If you’re looking for a more stable experience, just use the last tagged release: Sage 10.0.0-beta.1

If you’re okay with possibly running into issues to help us get Bud more stable for the next tag, use the latest master commit :sweat_smile:

Hi @ben Thanks for the reply. I can confirm the public folder was fixed, which is great.

Or dev team here are happy to work on master, been using roots since sage 8 and we love it.

Thanks for the issue link to the proxy!

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