Sage 10 build:production no vendor prefixes

Hello everybody,

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I tried taking a shot at Sage 10 and when doing yarn build:production, there are no vendor prefixes.

For e.g. with Sage 9, for transition rules, I see -o and -moz but nothing with Sage 10.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Sage 10 uses Mix, which uses Autoprefixer, which looks at the browserlist entry in package.json to determine which browsers to target. In your case, it has determined that the browsers it is targeting do not need those prefixes. Check out Autoprefixer to see how you might customize that.

So I just needed to inspect another browser… :crazy_face:

Thank you so much @alwaysblank! I’m completely self-taught so I have to fill in the gaps as I go along.