Sage 10 CLI installer doesn't allow me to choose a CSS framework

I used this command to install Sage v10 but it doesn’t allow me to choose a CSS framework as it did with Sage 9.

This is the command I used to install Sage 10

composer create-project roots/sage two dev-10.0.0-dev

Is this because it’s still in the beta? When can we expect the stable release of Sage 10?

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@tharindutpk, cli configuration works a little differently in roots/sage@10.0.0-dev than it did in Sage 9.

You can use the roots/sage-cli package to install a CSS framework. It can be used with npx or installed globally with npm, yarn, or whatever node package manager you happen use. It currently supports the bootstrap framework.

Note that the most recent sage-cli release is tagged v1.0.0-alpha.1, and is likely not current with the most recent releases of sage-10.

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It only allows me to install bootstrap. However, I’m planning to use tailwind with Sage.

Is there any alternative method of which I can achieve that?

You should be able to follow the documentation for installing Tailwind with Laravel Mix and be up-and-running.

I have a couple Tailwind projects in production built with Sage 10 and didn’t encounter any serious problems.

I recommend trying @knowler’s knowler/purgecss-with-wordpress package.

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That was actually a fork that was merged into the upstream package. You can use the upstream package (>= 1.1.0) now.

$ yarn add --dev purgecss-with-wordpress
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