Sage 10 Custom Post Types on archive-{post-type}.blade.php

I’m stuggling to try and display a list of posts from a custom post type in sage 10. I understand how to do it with Sage 9 controllers, but I can’t seem to get it working in Sage 10 Composers. I can display a single-{post-type}.blade.php file without any setup, but I have nothing for a list of custom post types. Also, I tried installing the original sage 9 controllers plugin but it didn’t work. Does anyone have advice on how to get this working?

The routing system for templates has always followed the WordPress template hierarchy: All that changes is you use a .blade.php extension instead of .php. If you want an archive of custom post types, you’d use archive-[posttype].blade.php.

Also I don’t believe the Controller package is compatible with Sage 10.

Well, that’s unfortunate because now I have no idea why my list of custom post types isn’t displaying. I can’t get the template to load at all. Is there something I’m missing in the admin panel?

Can you show us your code?

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