Sage 10, deploy on google appengine: composer issue

Hi all,
On appengine there is a limit of 10k files for deploy.

Using composer installed inside the theme we are out of this limit.

There is a way to load the vendor folder outside the project root, I tried to change the autoloader inside the sage functions.php file but it doesn’t seem to work: in fact it can’t find anything that is loaded at the controller level anymore inside app/composers

Has anyone ever solved a similar situation? For the assets there is no problem we can build them locally and pass them via git, but for composer it is a problem.

Not using appengine, but could you not let composer pull in the files from
the target system (run composer install).

This is how Trellis would do this for a Sage theme deploy:

The problem is not running the install in theme in deploy lifecycle, but if the vendor folder can be put in another folder outside the theme folder.

for example:


we want the vendor in:

Thank for your reply.

:thinking: Would this help?

composer is invoked automatically on deploy.