Sage 10 Deployment to Digital Ocean - White Screen


My workflow is Local by Flywheel and Sage 10, and I’m managing my deployment pipeline with Buddy Works to Digital Ocean. I’m not using Bedrock or Trellis.

Everything works well locally, pushing to GitHub works well and all the code is seemingly deployed correctly but all I get when the theme is active is a white screen, and nothing is rendered at all to the page. I do not see anything in the Apache error logs.

The first thing is I probably need help with is that I can’t get any output from activating WP debugging, I’m not sure if I understand how to do this correctly with Sage, but setting debugging in the normal way doesn’t produce any errors. It’s as if the theme doesn’t exist.

Other than that if I deploy via FTP running yarn build: production and composer install --no-dev, then upload via FTP to another server the theme works, if I do the same with Digital Ocean I just get the white screen. So perhaps this would indicate that this is an issue with Digital Ocean?

I tried to check various PHP versions since the default WordPress droplet is PHP 8, but none helped. Digital ocean’s support are obviously not able to troubleshoot apps.

Does anyone have any experience of deploying this way to Digital Ocean and could help?



Errors probably wouldn’t be in the Apache logs, they’d be in the PHP logs because it’s PHP failing. Sage also has a sage.log in its directory that captures errors it runs into.


I’ll probably need someone to look at that, the logs appear to be in in var/log/apache2/error.log. but there’s nothing in there so maybe they are not probably configured. Obviously this isn’t a Sage issue.

Could you tell me the location of the sage.log though?


It can be a simple notice. Sage just catches it and displays the WSOD.

Try using this to prevent the WSOD:

Issues (quite probably) related to this problem:

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