Sage 10 dev page won't auto/live reload


I’ve just downloaded the latest dev version of sage 10 and cannot get live reloading to work. I’ve added the proxy and serve to bud.config.js and then run ‘yarn dev’ and open the serve link.

I have the little green dot in the corner showing up when savings but nothing reloads or gets injected into the page. No tailwind style updates or html text updates.

On manual refresh these all show up am I missing something in the setup?


Howdy :wave:

It’s possible that you got a bad release. We know that Bud 5.7.1 was published with something accidentally which could be causing this bug for you :sweat_smile: Can you try upgrading Bud to the latest version? (5.7.3 at this time)

You’ll want to open package.json and then bump the versions for the Bud packages, and then afterwards run yarn to grab them.

Hey @ben

Thanks for the reply I think you’re right, I’ve just updated bud to 5.7.3 and the auto-reloading is working as expected! Thanks for sorting and all the work on roots and sage 10



Nice, glad to hear it! And thank you! :pray:

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