Sage 10 FOUC

I’m developing a site for a friends charity(Pro bobo). I am using bedrock with sage 10.

Not sure why but I am getting a flash of unstyled content(FOUC) on every page.

Not sure what code I need to provide or where to begin dubgging. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Are you building assets with dev or production mode? The dev mode (yarn dev with default Sage theme) inserts styles via JavaScript to enable hot reloading so you’ll often get FOUC. If you build in production mode (if you aren’t already) (yarn build with the default Sage theme) does that fix the issue?

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Thanks @thunderdw. That does indeed seem to be the cause.

I notice it when using dev(localhost). Just checked the build and no FOUC it seems. I thought I had already checked this previously, but must have overlooked it.

Much appreciated.