Sage 10 - Gutenberg editor style - is it missing it's default css?

Hey all,

This might be a rtfm question, but I hope you have some insights on it. When working with a clean sage 10 theme I see no markup in the post editor. It’s all plain with no margins.

Here we have a screenshot of a post with sage and next a screenshot of a WP default theme. The second looks a lot more user friendly :slight_smile:

Now, is this expected to be added to sage ourselfs? Being a empty theme. Or is there a default css markup that could/should be added and if preferred to be overridden. Because I would wish it to be more like the second screenshot.

If we should add it ourselfs, is there maybe a SCSS boilerplate/example for this?

Note, this looks a lot like another recent post. But I get the feeling it’s not related, since I know how to add custom editor css.

Hey Tim,

In my opinion this approach is correct and it looks as should be.
In your second screenshot you have default theme with styled fonts, margins etc. what reflect the front of the page for the users of current theme.

If we build theme right now mostly blocks, and we decide to use preview mode, we will try to show the same styles of blocks in admin as it is on the front-end.

On my side, for styling text or other “global” component I import it in editor css file, or I have some files just for editor with same styles, but with another parent classes.

What more I can set more wider container for blocks etc.

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Ah yes. I was kind of afraid of that. Well, I’ve imported the app.scss into the editor and it look al lot better already. I’ll distill the imports I need and don’t need for the editor after this. I don’t use any preview, since all my custom blocks are made with carbon fields. But thanks, now I know the thing I’m looking for does not exist (not designed this way).

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