Sage 10 import css and js?

Hello, i hope i am at the right place. I am new and trying new things.

Can some on explain to me where you import new .scss or .js files in sage10?

In sage9 you got a main file like main.scss or main.js to import those files, but in sage10 i can’t find this?

I hope some on could explain me :slight_smile:

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thank you, but when i create a new file and let it import in app.js i get the following error when i try to build.

ERROR in ./resources/assets/scripts/app.js

Module not found:

I filled in: import ‘music.js’

Could you explain what i am doing wrong?

Change it to import './music.js';.
The ./ indicates that it is a local file in the current directory rather than a node module.


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