Sage 10 importing css from node_moduels


I’m trying to include a css file from node_modules to my styles. Everything works great in development mode after I run
yarn start
my external.scss file looks like this:
but when I try and run yarn build:production then only @font-face and @keyframes parts from that css file gets into my app.css file … like this

The file I’m including: lightgallery.js/lightgallery.css at master · sachinchoolur/lightgallery.js · GitHub

This is the only part of included file that gets into my app.css file after yarn buld:production: ( minified file formated so you can see the important part comfortably)

Any ideas what is wrong?
BTW: yarn build output is fine, it includes all the file

This sounds like a PurgeCSS issue. When you run a production build, PurgeCSS removes css selectors that it doesn’t find in your HTML. I’d read the PurgeCSS documentation to find the best approach for your situation: