Sage 10 not recompiling JavaScript files

So I am running a Sage 10 theme and it seems that the JavaScript in the App.js is no recompiling when the application rebuilds. I have tried running yarn and yarn build, yarn dev and nothing seems to be working to get the JavaScript to recompile after a save. I can see that my JS has an error so I commented out what is causing it so that it does not load into the file at all but when I look on my inspector on my browser and I go into the App.js from there I can still see that the JS that is causing the problem is uncommented and still running. Does anyone know how to fix this or is having this problem? Everything is running the newest 6.0.0 updates.

Do you have correct proxy url?

And could you show your bud.config.js?

Yeah i have the correct proxy URL i have to hide it on the bud.config file but here it is

@Trailblazer780 If you downgrade bud and bud dependencies to 5.8.7 the problem is the same?

Let me try that now give me 5 minutes. I will @ you when I know

@Jacek Yes I am still having the same issue, it is not recompiling the JavaScript files after downgrading to 5.8.7

@Trailblazer780 could you show App.js file with your custom script?

flowbite and the mysimplecomponent are causing errors so i have commented them out

This is what the browser is still receiving

comment up lines with your not used imported modules: slideshow and project Categories Controller.

next try to clean your public folder “yarn bud clean”, build again “yarn build” and check

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That worked! Thank you so much!

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@Trailblazer780 In the future please share your code do not make screenshots, it will be easier to replicate code and find bugs

Okay I will next time!