Sage 10 - PHP Router

Hello :slight_smile: ,
I would like to know how to use the experimental router implemented in Sage 10.

I wanted to experience:

  • I created the routes/web.php file in my theme
  • In it I put Route::get('/aa', [\App\Http\Controllers\PageController::class, 'home']);
    (I added in my .env ACORN_ENABLE_EXPIRIMENTAL_ROUTER=true.
  • I added the Http/Controllers/PageControllers.php class (in the app folder in my theme) with a home() method which returns view('front').
  • I added the resources/views/front.blade.php file.

I got this result:

  • I have the rendering of resources/views/front.blade.php, but then I also have the rendering of resources/views/404.blade.php

Why do I have the 404 rendering?

Thanks in advance for your response

Iā€™m having the same issues:

Were you able to figure out what the issue was on your side?