Sage 10 Proxy Localhost:3000 Not Working

Hello, I am running a new installation of Trellis on Ubuntu 20.10 and and am using Trellis-CLI. I have the instance up and running and have installed the dev-main version of Sage 10 in /site/web/app/themes/testtheme. The issue is the proxy of my domain set in bud.config.js to localhost:3000 isn’t working.

.proxy(‘http://cleantheme.test’); results in the following after running yarn dev:

⠧ [dev] http://localhost:3000
⠧ [proxy] http://cleantheme.test
◉ 500 [dev] http://localhost:3000
◉ 400 [proxy] http://cleantheme.test
◉ 500 [dev] http://localhost:3000
◉ 400 [proxy] http://cleantheme.test
◉ 500 [dev] http://localhost:3000
◉ 400 [proxy] http://cleantheme.test

Visiting localhost:3000 results in: Error occurred while trying to proxy: localhost:3000/

I appreciate any assistance you can provide me. Please let me know if you need more information.



Have you configured .proxy('[...]') in your bud.config.js?

Yes, as noted in my original post. .proxy(‘http://cleantheme.test’); I don’t have any issues running my react apps on localhost:3000 so I know that port isn’t being blocked. I also confirmed the port isn’t already in use.


what about http://cleantheme.test:3000?

Also, it seems you are getting a 400 response on http://cleantheme.test. Are you sending out a 400 header?

http://cleantheme.test loads fine, adding :3000 to the url doesn’t help. I’m not sending a 400 header, I’m just running yarn dev. I just tried testing an understrap theme on port 3000 and it’s also failing which leads me to believe the issue is further down the roots stack. Any other suggestions?



WSL 2? Vagrant VM? Development server reachable by terminal/bud?

Ubuntu 20.10 workstation, Virtual box Vagrant VM is running, I can Vagrant ssh into the VM.

Can you wget/curl, from inside the terminal you run bud, the development site/URL that you are also proxying in bud?

Aah, running wget to cleantheme.test tipped me off to conflicting IP addresses assigned in /etc/hosts. I cleaned them up to match my vagrant IP and I’m good to go. Problem resolved. Thanks!!


Ma Kore?
I’m stuck on this process too and trying to do the config with Local By wheel:/

My host file as follow:

::1 wordpress.local wordpress.local
::1 www.wordpress.local www.wordpress.local

changed to :

Local by Flywheel - Start

#::1 wordpress.local #Local Site wordpress.local #Local Site
#::1 www.wordpress.local #Local Site
# www.wordpress.local #Local Site

still no success

* Target URL to be proxied by the dev server.
* This should be the URL you use to visit your local development server.

 * Development URL to be used in the browser.