Sage 10 release date?

I’d like to know when sage 10 will be released. I’ve been using Sage since version 8 and I am very eager to start using sage 10 for my new projects.

Wondering the same. Have a new project to start and would like to give it a spin, rather than starting at the EOL of Sage 9.

Alpha on the way? …or just use:

We’re working on catching Acorn up to Laravel 6.0, integrating error handling (e.g. Whoops), and finishing up some documentation for the initial alpha release.

Many of us are using the current 10.0.0-dev branch on production sites without any issues– and I urge you to give it a shot! Most updates to Sage 10 its self should be rather small to keep up with here on out– the majority goes to Acorn which would then just require a composer upgrade.


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