Sage 10: Remove completely Tailwindcss and jQuery

Hi, I develop with a boilerplate of mine so I don’t want Tailwind or Bootstrap or other.

So, in addition to launch yarn remove tailwindcss what else is needed to remove it completely from Sage?

Same for jquery: after removing it with yarn remove jquery, what else to do?

Also it should be nice to have back the wizard installation of Sage that asks if we want some boilerplate or not. Is it in plan?


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Hi @dangelion,

So, after removing tailwindcss and jquery (yarn remove tailwindcss jquery), the next steps is to:

That’s all.


Thanks @DanLapteacru
in addition I also see this dependency in package.json

"@tailwindcss/typography": "^0.4.0",

Should I uninstall that?

You certainly can. The only effect will be that npm install will run slightly faster. Otherwise it won’t increase build size or reduce build speed because nothing is using it.

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Yes, @dangelion, you can.

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