Sage 10 Theme doesn't work on multisites that arn't the main page

So I have setup a multisite instance in Bedrock now Im facing a different kind of problem:

When creating a (subfolder) new site within my mulltisite, everything works perfectly fine. I can click through every page in the FE & BE (as intended)

As soon as I activate the sage theme within the wp-admin/themes.php I get a 404 & the BE starts breaking (not the FE, but the entire B except for the dashboard (index.php)).

So I can call up /wp-admin/ but trying to get to wp-admin/edit.php will result in an error.

Am I overseeing something important?

Is there something to consider on using Sage on Multisite WP Systems?

This is a bug: Admin pages are broken in multisite with subfolder structure · Issue #355 · roots/acorn · GitHub

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I see, I was doubting myself on this one. Glad to see it’s not only me.

tysm for letting me know.

I was able to “avoid” this problem (for now at least) by mapping the subfolders to a domain (my company wanted to make use of custom domains anyways, so it kinda worked out in the end (the staging multisite env is screwed tho)).

As a temporary hack, I added

if (strpos($requestUri, 'subsite-slug') !== false) {
    return '';

to vendor/symfony/http-foundation/Request.php:1908, where subsite-slug is my subsite slug.

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