Sage 10 - understanding the workflow

I use Local by Flywheel on MacOS and haven’t had trouble with the filesystems/browsersync problem. That said, when I look at Local forums, Windows users seem to have more issues with filesystems, so you’re not crazy there!

You may try flywheels “Open Site Shell” option and then run yarn start from there?

I’ve used several things. On Windows iirc I had the best luck w/ devilbox, although it wasn’t totally without problems. I’ve also used Laravel Homestead.

My experience w/ doing Roots development on Windows was that the more you rely on a solution that “just works” (i.e. Local) the more it will just not work–the ones I had the most success with were the ones “closest to the metal” as they say. I was able to get the whole Roots stack (i.e. using Trellis for VMs & deploys) running on Windows, which worked reasonably well, although I haven’t done that in a very long time. IME the fewer layers of abstraction you use to set up your dev environment on Windows, the easier it’s going to be to work with and debug.

Eventually though I just switched over the Linux which was a far more pleasant development experience.

Well after much time spent trying to get browsersync to work, I figured it out.

I have been using the WSL terminal, which is my default for VSCode, so I decided to try good old PowerShell, I switched to PS and ran Yarn, then Yarn start. BOOM! browsersync is working.

So far I have tested it with Flywheel Local, DevKinsta (which is using docker) and I have tried just Docker by itself, all working just fine with browsersync!!

Hello @alwaysblank - I’ve got an aside question about the 12-factor-wordpress workflow (probably is a stupid question) - and it’s about the Factor #1 (“One codebase tracked in revision control, many deploys”).

When it said “1 WordPress site = 1 repo (1 codebase per app)” it means only the theme folder or the whole WP site?

The whole WordPress site.

The principle is that a single repo contains all the code and configuration to provision and deploy your site (except the content).

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