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[Sage 10] (Whoops) Skip E_USER_NOTICE and E_USER_WARNING

Currently Whoops (or the underlying error handler in Sage 10) handles PHP notices and warnings as ErrorException . How can I turn this off, so some plugins for example don’t prevent local development as the page doesn’t load normally?

Setting Config::define('WP_DEBUG', false); in config/environments/development.php disabled it.

But I get another ErrorException (E_NOTICE) now, so this only skips some of the PHP notices.

If your scripts are throwing exceptions then afaik you have to catch them or they’ll stop execution–I don’t believe there’s a setting to disable that. You can set a global exception handler or see if something is turning errors into ErrorExceptions but generally I feel like if something is throwing exceptions you need to modify your code so it stops throwing exceptions, not teach your environment to ignore them.