Sage 10 with Laravel Mix instead of Bud

Congratulations to the Sage 10 Release!

Love it so far, but it’s a little early for me to use bud, since there are not enough extensions available for me.

I made my own modification with Laravel Mix as a Webpack wrapper.

Is it allowed for me to make this version publicly available on GitHub?


Allowed and encouraged to share :+1: I might even use it as a reference for some docs :smiley:


It’s now available if someone is interested: GitHub - patrickzach/sage-mix: Roots Sage with Laravel Mix instead of Bud

Feedback is of course welcome!


Thanks for sharing! Just a heads up, your LICENSE should include our original copyright per the MIT license that Sage uses.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Changed the copyright back to Roots

Hi, is this working with sage 10?
I think is missing some details. As I made some tests the following would fail

in setup.php

add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', function () {
}, 100);

the enqueue() expects that an entrypoints.json is available in the mounted public directory

Hi, yes the github repository is basically sage10 with bud removed and replaced by Laravel mix.

The entrypoints.json is available in the public directory: sage-mix/entrypoints.json at f1b97b0e95a35fb976377bc0410e66e31a9c2d6e · patrickzach/sage-mix · GitHub

However i forgot to add it to the first version, but added it 8 days ago.

yes I made the same, adding it manually but I think this will be generated by symfonies encore webpack in case of bud and should track the inputs inside laravel-mix, or am I wrong?

Right now you have to add it manually.
Maybe I’ll find a way in the future to make it generate itself by laravel-mix.