Sage 10 Woocommerce controller

I’ve installed this package for Woocomerce/Sage 10 which seems to work well so far.

All my other non-Woocommerce pages have a controller that include php traits for the footer content. I need to be able to do the same for the Woocommerce pages but can’t work out how. I get warnings where the content should be

I have a Woocommerce folder in views with the two files required, archive-product.blade.php and single-product.blade.php.

I’ve tried creating an ArchiveProduct.php controller file but it doesn’t work. Can some one advise as to how I can solve this?

Can you post those warning?

Make sure you are using do_action('get_header') and not strait get_header()

for me this doesnt display any errors, however it totally ignores my woocommerce template. blade or no blade, and even ignores the standard theme file. For example I see some default wordpress header and not even my standard header.blade.php

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@sage_fish Any luck with figuring this out?