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Sage 10 & WooCommerce + Mollie

Hi there,

I’ve been breaking my head around this for a few days; I’m working on a e-commerce website built around Sage 10 with WooCommerce. Somehow the PSP plugin ‘Mollie for WooCommerce’ is broken with Sage 10. Works perfectly fine with Sage 9 but with a clean installation of 10 any payment method of Mollie returns the error ‘undefined index: query’.

I’ve had contact with support of Mollie and according to them this means the Mollie API doesn’t know which payment method is selected. Because this problem only rises with Sage 10 and not with any of the default WC themes (2021 & Storefront) or even Sage 9 this must be something within the codebase of Sage 10, I think.

I’m not sure what conflict Sage 10 could cause with WooCommerce + Mollie’s payment flow, anyone here has a clue?

I’ve found that an older version of the plugin does work but not being able to update a payment plugin doesn’t seem like the safest bet to me.

Thanks in advance!

this only applies to Mollie’s payment methods, any of the default methods work just fine.

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