SAGE 10 Woocommerce: Sage start after Woocoommerce - Paypal Express Bug

Hi all,

We have some trouble with SAGE 10 Woocommerce.
In our test case, for example we need to register some default Woocommerce enque in our theme in order to achive the default woocommerce plugin Paypal Express Support.

wp_enqueue_script( 'wc-gateway-ppec-smart-payment-buttons' );

This script is hooked by default from woocommerce but in our Sage 10 theme, for some reason, not appear in html correctly.

Using default Wordpress TwentyTwenty all works fine.

Seems like our sage theme start after the woocommerce plugin, so the plugin not append the wp_enqueue_script correctly.

We need to solve without a workaround in order to solve future problem like this.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Are you try set higher priority for this enqueue_script to load before woocommerce ?

Yes with tried everything with priority.

The Sage theme “autoload” start after the woocommerce plugin, this cause some hook of the plugin not start correctly.

I think it’s fine, plugins should load before theme.

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