Sage 10 / WPEngine - White screen

I’ve been having an on going issue hosting Sage 10 on WPEngine. It appears that the “app” container is coming up empty in my [my-theme]/index.php file.

Things that I’ve tried:

  • Changing the compiled view path to /tmp/sage-cache
  • Running wp acorn optimize on the server
  • Clearing all cache at every level

There are no errors on any of the server logs or in storage/logs/ WPEngine support does not seem to know how to solve this.

I installed Sage using the latest dev-master build. Acorn is set to dev-main

Have you tried following this article?

I also found this which looks specific to sage 10:

Let me know if this worked for you. Interested to hear as I have an upcoming site that wants to use wpengine as the host and I would like to use sage 10.

Hi @ineptian,

Unfortunately, we were never able to get this resolved. We ended up having to switch to Sage 9 in order to get it working on WPEngine. Fwiw, we borrowed the build process (laravel mix, etc) from Sage 10 and that made it feel a little more updated.

Moving forward, we’re migrating our sites over to Kinsta. I’ve had a lot of success with the whole Roots stack over there and can highly recommend. Good luck!

I have successfully used the Steve Polito article to deploy Sage 10 to WP Engine with DeployHQ. It’s a cool workflow. I have experienced the issue that you’ve described where the app container doesn’t appear occasionally after deploy. I have absolutely no idea what the issue is but I have a janky solution.

Is this happening transferring from staging to production or dev to staging, by chance?

After I deploy the theme, I have to go in and update a page or permalinks. I really don’t know why this works but I am assuming it’s a WP Engine issue with their crazy security protocols or something similar.

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