Sage 8.3.0 Updates

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Sage is losing weight! The lib/ folder is down to 5 files. There were mostly minor changes in this release, including: config.php and init.php have been combined into setup.php Search template has been removed Modernizr has been removed The ConditionalTagCheck class has been removed Take a look at the Sage 8.3.0 release on GitHub for…


What’s the best way to upgrade sage to its latest version?

I think soil nav is broken. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks, Ben. I appreciate the response.

Same for me, soil seems broken !

Can someone elaborate on what’s meant by “broken” - this is what I’m seeing with Sage 8.3

Looks like expected behavior, no?

Look at your source code like explained here
I’m getting the full WP markup even with activated plugin, since sage 8.3.0

Soil 3.5.0 is not compatible with Sage 8.3.0.
The Master branch is working though.

The culprit is line 65 in soil.php:

add_action('after_setup_theme', __NAMESPACE__ . '\\load_modules');

In the Master branch of Soil this code is updated with a priority:

add_action('after_setup_theme', __NAMESPACE__ . '\\load_modules', 100);

Temporary fix is to require the Master branch of Soil in the Sage composer.json file and run “composer update”:

Using command line in your project root:

composer require roots/soil dev-master
composer update

@smutek without composer just download the Soil Master branch and add it to your project.

@ben please release a new soil version

Update: I have added this issue to the Soil github repository


Thanks for the clarification!

Actually, it still doesn’t look broken on my end. Here’s what I have.

Without Soil -

With Soil -

Soil 3.5.0 and Sage 8.3.0

Okay, this is why I’m not seeing any issues. I’m not loading Soil with composer.

Thanks for the fix, working now