Sage 8 and Bootstrap Beta 2?

Hi All,

Bootstrap have now dropped Bower support for BS 4 beta 2 onwards. What’s going to be the easiest way of me being able to use beta 2?

I tried removing bootstrap from Bower and adding into NPM, but this created a few problems. If that is the easiest way to go then could anyone offer advice on making the change?

I know that Sage 9 no longer uses Bower, but a bit too late in the project for me to change over I think.


I have the same problem! gonna follow this one +1

Since Sage 8 relies on Bower for front-end dependencies (locked in via asset-builder) and Bootstrap 4 no longer has a bower.json file, I believe there will need to be a fork of Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 with an added bower.json file that we can reference :confused:

@ben - thanks so much for picking this up. Who would be best placed to create the fork? Hopefully we’d just be able to use the bower.json from the earlier beta vsn?

What if we drop Bootstrap from Bower and we implement it using npm? We just need to change something in the gulp flow of is more difficult than that?

EDIT: What if we go in the “old way” like copy and past the 4.0.0 beta2 version into the folder manually and remove the bower dependecy. Is that so bad?

EDIT2: Or we can remove the dependency from bower, install boostrap via npm and the modify the gulp flow. Is this smart or not?

EDIT3: at the end I decided to move to Sage 9 to salve all my problem :slight_smile: