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Sage 8 and composer 3rd party package (spatie/enum)

I am newish to Sage and composer. I have a working Sage 8 theme, and I am trying to install

I ran:

theme-folder> composer require spatie/enum
theme-folder> php composer.phar install

I see all the files in the vendor folder

│   composer.json
│   │   autoload.php
│   │
│   └───composer
│   │      ...
│   │
│   └───spatie
│       └───enum
│                │   composer.json
│                │   ...

However, when I load a page, I get errors when I try to reference the namespace:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Spatie\Enum\Enum' not found in /var/www/wp-content/themes/theme-folder/lib/enums.php on line 9

I believe I need to include the files, but I’m not sure on the correct approach

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