Sage 8 documentation does not work for Sage v8.6.0

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If I am correct,
Documentation for Sage 8.x should work, I mean really explain nicely on how we can set up the latest version for Sage 8 (which I believe is Sage v8.6.0). But when I go to Sage 8.x: Installation | Roots Documentation , I get really confused as it is not properly helping me to install and set up Sage v8.6.0.

My question is, is the documentation at Sage 8.x: Installation | Roots Documentation really supposed to be for Sage 8.6.0 ? If yes, is it possible if I can help update the docs so that it helps better guide other for setting up Sage 8.6.0 (if they are still using that, like me)?

Looking forward to hear on this, thanks!

The Sage 8.x documentation should be relevant for 8.6.0. We are always happy to review PRs to improve the docs: There’s a link saying Help us improve this page. at the bottom of every docs page that links to that page on GitHub, where you can fork to create a PR.

It’s not clear from your post what your problem is, though. What do you mean by

I get really confused as it is not properly helping me to install and set up Sage v8.6.0.

Can you elaborate on what is confusing you, specifically, what you’ve already tried, and how it failed?


Thanks for reply. I am going to find out a few instances where I think Sage 8.x documentation is mistaken and confusing for me. If am wrong in any of them, please correct me.

  1. The Installation page
    a. Tells you to use Node.js >= 6.9.x . However, if I am using Node 8.11.3, and running yarn it does not install dependencies and tell you to use Node.js > 10.
    b. The composer command composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name install a latest version of Sage 10 in your system. It should be updated to allow user to install latest version of Sage 8 (i.e. Sage 8.6.0).
    c. Setting devUrl for browsersync tells you to update devUrl at assets/config.json. However, in Sage 8.6.0, if you clone it and go to assets folder, there is no config.json file (although there is a manifest.json but the docs do not point to that).
  2. The compiling assets page
    a. Its says Webpack is used as build tool for compiling assets, but Sage 8.6.0 uses Gulp 4.
    b. Its says npm is frontend package manager but Sage 8.6.0 uses Bower.
    c. The build commands provided in doc does not work, neither are they set up in package.json.

These are some of the few things that I found does not adhere to Sage 8.6.0, so I thought it may be worth pointing out. I understand Sage 8.6.0 at Github has correct steps, it’s just that if there is someone out there who still wants to use Sage 8, it may get him into some confusion on such things. My whole point is if we can make Sage 8 documentation totally correct for Sage 8.6.0, that would be really nice.

I can fork the docs and update and create PR if that is the intended step to help contribute to the documentation.


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Thanks for your feedback! Yes, if you could submit a PR for these changes, that would be great. Unfortunately these days our time is focused on Sage 10, Acorn, and Bud, so your work to get this docs up to date would be appreciated.