Sage 8 with updated build tools/ES6 support?

Hi All,

Does anyone have a publicly available version of Sage 8 with updated build tools to support ES6?

I really like building with Sage 8 but find it is limited without ES6 support. I’ve tried Sage 9, and while it has some great enhancements, I find it too complex for my requirements.

Has anyone tried using esbuild or some of the other build tools other than webpack? Would be really interested to know.

Sage 8 is Gulp based (I also got some legacy Sage 8 projects btw.) If you are lucky it could be just some extra lines of config to your Gulpfile, see this tutorial (what comes up when searching for gulp+babel setup):

Latest Sage 8.x release:

Thanks. Managed to get it working but got stuck with support for module imports.

Since I was able to port your webpack setup for Sage 9 across to Sage 8, I’ll probably just stick with that. Compile times seem similar.

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