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Sage 9 Beta 1



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Development on Sage 9 started back in December of 2015 and we’ve finally shipped the first beta after four alpha releases. Follow the installation instructions to get started with Sage 9. Sage 9 has several improvements, and here’s the list of some of the important changes: Laravel’s Blade as a templating engine. Check out the…


Congrats on the beta guys :slight_smile:


I will NOT re-do all my open projects in Sage 9 I will NOT re-do all my open projects in Sage 9…


Congrats guys! Love me some beta


Sage 9 is the most exciting thing to happen WP theme dev. Thanks for all the hard work!


Congrats on the beta!!! Totally excited to start digging into this. :slight_smile:


Congrats, amazing work ! Just finished a Sage 8.5 site, and now i wonder if i should re-do it with Sage 9. :smiley:


I haven’t touched WordPress development in many, many years. I now have taken on a project to redesign a website built in WP. Imagine my delight to learn that many of the best practices I’ve adopted since then have been brought to WordPress theme dev via Sage!

Excellent work, folks. I look forward to creating with Sage.


Congrats! Great work you guys! :muscle::wink:


Whoa this is nice to read! I really missed the new book edition!
Thanks you to do it again, on top of the whole development.


Great, real excited to dive into Sage 9 and learn a bunch of stuff! Thanks so much for your efforts.


Thank you so much guys! <3


i have used sage / bedrock / trellis for several years now. I have integrated the timber plugin with sage to take advantage of the enhanced workflow offered by templating engines. now sage 9 is in beta and its using blade. great, but the way it has been implemented is at odds with what I thought were the reasons for seperating html views from php code.

i have developers and designers in the team and I have always tried to seperate the the php/wp api functions from the views so designers don’t have to look at php code and wp functions, but sage9 templates wrap php wp functions in the blade format and it seems counter intuitive to the efforts I have made to make this seperation for our team dev workflow.

I don’t get why sage9 works in this way. am I missing something? my designers just want to use html with {{variables}} that the developers make available for them . designers don’t want to see code like @php(the_post()), @if (!have_posts()), or {!! get_the_posts_navigation() !!}. they might as well go back to using php files and trying to do their design work and try not mess up the php


I will not rebase Sage 9 onto my Sage 8 theme… I will not rebase Sage 9 onto my Sage 8 theme… :stuck_out_tongue:


That seems like one of those “easy” things I would try at 9:45pm on a Tuesday and still be working on at 4am with no end in sight.



Looking at those Blade docs is making my brain hurt the same way getting my head around Trellis/Bedrock/Sage did. But now I know the benefits of actually learning new things it I’ll push ahead and make sure I learn this too.

Just a question on Bootstrap, I’ve never used it just because in my mind I have this preconceived notion it’s this mega-bloated framework that I don’t need 90% of to build a simple WordPress theme for a small business … but I might be wrong. Am I wrong?


Again I go away from Sage for what feels like a couple of weeks and everything is different. Here we go again…

P.s still the best frame work :slight_smile:


So what’s the best way to use Sage 9 now, as it’s still being developed?

I’m not quite au-fait with composer but have just set up trellis/bedrock/sage and now I’m looking to customise Sage.

I have created the theme with composer, but say I start work on theming it today, if tomorrow Sage gets updated do I need to manually merge changes or can composer (or something else) do that?



Could you let me know the milestone? When will Sage 9 release for production?



Sage 9 is worked on part-time by volunteers who have full-time jobs. There is not a definite timeframe in place.