Sage 9 Child Themes

Hi all,

I’m just looking for confirmation on the best practices with regard to Sage and parent/child themes. Initially I was hoping to use Sage for all my themes (1 parent & 5 child) but after a bit of reading I’m not sure that’s the best way.

From the theme development pdf…

Sage is not a theme framework, it is a starter theme… …typically you shouldn’t create child themes from it.

I’ve seen that you can get it working but I don’t want to force the issue.

I’m not using Bootstrap or anything, so it’s just a case of achieving functionality in the parent theme and then the custom styles taken care of in the child themes. Sage for the parent and then custom themes for the children or the other way around? Or Sage for all as outlined in in the linked post??

Any input on how you’d go about this would be really welcome.


Take a look at this. Is that anything like what you’re looking for?

Thanks for the link mate…
To be honest I’d prefer not to have the select option, just one parent theme with most of the functionality. Then the child themes with their individual styles (and a bit of specific functionality) baked in.

If there’s a way to achieve that with your suggestion then that’d be great… I might be missing the boat on that is all!