Sage 9 Custom Installation


I’m wondering how I can initiate a custom install of Sage 9, by which the normal process is still carried out as if I was using composer create-project (prompts about theme name, author details etc).

The reason for this is: I am using Lando for local development and have created a lando.yml file which specifies the server, DB, front-end tooling setups and more. Also in this file, I would like to be able to pull down a version of Sage 9. This version of Sage 9 will be kept on our git repo as it will include some other default settings that we would like to use with every build.

I’ve tried downloading Sage 9 manually and running composer install but it only installed a list of dependencies, and did not provide the normal Sage 9 installation prompts and is probably also missing some other steps.

You can run composer run-script post-create-project-cmd from the theme directory to trigger the post installation script