Sage 9 - Customizer Broken

I’m experiencing an issue where when I try to enter the Customizer, WP deactivates the theme and spits out this error “The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.”

I am having trouble isolating where this issue is coming from. It does happen straight out of the box though. Just installed a fresh new Sage 9 theme and the same behavior is happening when clicking on “Customize.”

Dev environment is Local by Flywheel on OSX.
WP 4.7
PHP 5.6.20
MySQL 5.5.49

Oh, I see the function at the bottom of functions.php now with the note “This is not fully compatible with Live Preview without the use of a plugin to update the template option.”

Whoops! Can anyone enlighten me about which plugin will do the trick? Thanks!

For now I’ve just commented out line 69 in functions.php and I haven’t run into any issues. Not sure why it’s necessary.

Ah, we need to tweak that a bit.

Right now Sage 9 isn’t compatible with the customizer prior to theme activation. Once activated the customizer is okay to use.

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