Sage 9 + Default Wordpress

Hello Everyone!

I have a quick question. Is it possible to use Sage 9 theme with the default wordpress core? Not using Bedrock.

Thank you!

Yes. Sage is not dependant on any of the rest of the roots stack.

That’s great to hear. I am having trouble with it unfortunately. The default WordPress Core needs style.css and index.php in the root of the theme. Sage 9 has those files in resources folder. How may I do this? Can you point me in the right direction?

Default core doesn’t require style.css and index.php to be in the root of the theme. WordPress searches one level deep for these files; this isn’t a feature of the rest of the Roots stack; it’s core functionality.

Are you seeing an error?

Some methods of deployment (i.e. Uploading through WordPress itself, using things like WP Pusher) will fail because they can’t find style.css/index.php, but your theme will function if you deploy it in another way. When I’m not using Trellis/Bedrock, I usually just upload my Sage9 themes with (S)FTP, and they work fine.

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Yeah unfortunately I don’t have sftp… And using things like WP Pusher fails because it can’t find index.php or style.css. Anything else I can do? :confused:

This thread looks like it offers some suggestions:

Thanks!! But unfortunately they tell you leave index.php in resources… WP Pusher wants style.css and index.php in the root… Not really sure what to do

Could you make dummy files that just include the actual Sage copies? Is that too silly to work?

If you apply this PR to your Sage install I think it corrects the index.php issue and should allow you to move index.php to your theme root. I haven’t tested this, but after reading over the issue I linked earlier and this issue connected to the PR, I think it should work.