Sage 9 + FacetWP (WooCommerce)

Has anyone had any succes with getting FacetWP to work in Sage 9?

We’ve been trying to use FacetWP to filter our WooCommerce products however the filter won’t show up in the sidebar. There is actually a FacetWP div loaded, however there is no content in it. However if I switch back to the TwentySeventeen theme, they show up.

There does not seem to be any error shown.

i’ve tried the following things:

  • Instead of WooCommerce products i’ve tried to use the filters on posts (Also don’t show up)
  • Inserting the facet directly in the template (Does not show up).
  • Different widget bars, in loop out of loop (No difference)

Any help would be welcome :slight_smile:

Have you tried the CSS method?

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Thanks! Totally overlooked this in the docs.
Manually adding in the wrapper class worked.