Sage 9 folder structure

I’m looking at Sage 9 for the first time and I’m trying to wrap my head around the folder structure. Inside /themes/sage/ there is no style.css, functions.php, etc. These files are in resources. How does Wordpress know that!? Yet somehow it works. What’s the obvious thing I’m missing?


We’re not doing anything fancy. WordPress simply supports that.

I’ll have to search for Wordpress docs on that then. Which file is the entry point?


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Yeah, I think that is shown at wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php . See:

WordPress does already scan one level deep.
Also see . Good discussion on the way WordPress scans for files and how Roots has come up with a way to load files from more than one level deep for files in resources/views. @ben mentioned this SO thread in the solved Roots Sage issue : that explains things rather well too.

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