Sage 9 Parent / Child theme - parent theme asset() path

Hi there,

Any ideas on how to retrieve the parent theme asset() path or failing that disable the cache busting string for the parent theme only?

Further explanation…

I’ve a parent / child theme setup… both themes based on Sage 9 and this methodology.

Only difference is I’ve some base styles in my parent theme as well as specific styles in my child theme. With a parent / child setup the asset() path always returns the child theme directory. The only way to get the parent theme css is by…

wp_enqueue_style( 'parent-style', get_template_directory_uri() . '/../dist/styles/main.css');

Issue is, that doesn’t take into consideration the cache busting string on the end of the files. So whenever I build:production I have to manually rename the file to main.css from main_123abc.css.

Thanks for any help!

agree. we need some kind of elegant mechanism for getting assets from the parent theme.

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