Sage 9 & Poedit

Has anyone been able to successfully translate strings with Sage 9 and Poedit? Poedit does not seem to translate strings between {{ }}. Strings between <? php ?> do work, but that is not as beautiful.

The Poedit fix by the Themosis framework doesn’t work either.

I have the same problem too. Neither from WPML translation interface, neither from poedit I could do anything

It seems that I have found a temporary fix: use the settings as published by the Themosis Framework but also alter the following settings in Poedit:

  • Preferences -> parsers
  • Edit PHP parser
  • Edit or remove the *.php entry

Note: put back the *.php tag when translating other stuff than Sage 9

@deJong Why has nobody put a “like” to your comment hmm ? Isnt this a solution?