Sage ACF Flexible Content Rows not loading in correct order in back-end or on page

I can’t seem to re-order the ACF Flexible Content rows while Sage is the active theme.
Switching to the default 2020 WP Theme shows the correct order. This is for Flexible Content rows that appear on the page - ie custom content sections I am creating and having display on page.

I’ve done a ton of research on this already but keep going down rabbit holes that don’t line up with my problem. The problem is pretty simple - the custom Flexible Content sections that I create will load but not in the order they are saved as - dragging and dropping up/down above one another. Switching to 2020 WP Theme will save them, and show whatever order they should be in.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. The console is throwing no errors, on load or when even after I drag/drop (reorder) the row and save.

Does this happen

  • in the editor
  • when viewing a page on the front-end
  • both

If you save them in 2020 and then load them in Sage, what order are they in? What about if you save them in Sage and load them in 2020?

There may be an error occurring but not in the JavaScript so now console errors. What do your server error logs show?

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