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Sage and AMP - general advice

Hi there,

I’m a long time user of sage/roots and I’m hoping it’s okay for me to ask the following question in this forum…

I am in the process of shifting from sage 8 to 9 (or 10) and at the same time, re-considering all of the libraries we traditionally use when building themes (eg. Slick, iziModal, AOS, GSAP, Photoswipe etc) and instead switching to AMP web components.

The main reason being - we often build quite engaging/interactive sites that are content rich and subsequently penalised by Google’s performance tools. Therefore I’m thinking we may be able to achieve improved scores by switching to AMP.

Are there any Sage 9 or 10 users who are using AMP web components successfully who are able to proide any feedback/advice about their setup and experience? I’d love to chat to anyone who has crossed the same bridge I’m hoping to!


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