Sage and the Angular ui-router

Having trouble getting the UI router to kick in.

I have the following template, which is loading the map.

<div ng-app="af2015App">
	Use the map and search criteria to find a restaurant in Amsterdam to suit every budget, location and taste in cuisine!
	<div ng-controller="MapCtrl as vm">
        <map center="[52.374, 4.899]" zoom="12">

        <div ui-view>

But the ui-view is never being loaded. This is the config function I am using and I have tried all sort of permutations of the url and a <base href=""></base> tag. And I have no errors in my console.

    .config(function($stateProvider, $locationProvider) {

        return $stateProvider.state('list', {
            //url: '/:alpha/:beta/:gamma',
            url: '/af2015/web/recommendations/',
            template: '<h2>List</h2>',
            controller: "ListController",
            controllerAs: 'list'

This is way beyond the type of support provided on these forums. Would prefer if these types of questions were posted on a place like Stack Overflow.

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