Sage and WordPress Theme Repository

Hi guys,

I’m working to create a theme to be submitted at the official WordPress theme repository. Theme is based on Sage - is this a good approach or should I consider something like Underscores?

I search through the Discourse but couldn’t find anything related to this at all, except for one topic which wasn’t updated.

Thanks so much in advance!

Just received a reply from one of the Theme Reviewers on – Sage is not supported/approved for Theme Repository.

Hi @minimal,
just bumped to this topic, why was it refused?
Thank so much in advance !

Hi @Leonardo, thanks for asking. If I recall correctly, they said that it “doesn’t follow WordPress standards” or something similar. Since this was about 8 months ago, I suggest that you feel free to check in on their Theme Review team’s Slack channel and ask them that question :slight_smile: My guess is that it can be rejected due Sage’s unique wrapper, but again - do ask them via that channel, they have a highly responsive team in there.

The theme wrapper…right…
Thanks so much for such quick reply!