Sage assets loading with http

Cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on. WP Site url, .env file, server setup all are set to, but all the Sage assets are coming in as http. It works fine only my local with Valet. All other links, images and asset links are coming in with https. Any thoughts on where to look to fix this? I havent touched the sage config files at all. This was working before I took out the PurgeCSS stuff from the mix file, but I dont see why that would matter. I put it back in and it still didnt work so I dont think thats it.

Additionally, when I activate other themes like twentytwenty the problem goes away.

edit: further context: I ran wp acorn optimize on the server because it didnt seem like templates were updating, and it feels like maybe thats when the trouble started. Could this have done anything?


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