Sage, Bedrock, Trellis Boilerplate

It would be good to have easy boilerplate to start new project using all of your great tools. I am not speaking here about only three repos boilerplate but about some easier way to deal with everything project related, automatically adding new domains, provisioning servers or maybe even syncing databases.

I see something like roots-cli, unfortunately project is abandoned.

I have all the skills required, so I would be more then happy to create such a tool, however, I would need some help from roots org to plan it, push it to live as well as with now how for best practices.

How can I get started on something like this?

We have this repo:

It’s out of date but it contains all the projects set up in our recommended way.

We still have plans to create a Trellis specific CLI (which would also bootstrap a Bedrock project). I’m not sure Sage itself really needs a CLI at this point.

Look out for the Trellis CLI and maybe you can help contribute to it :slight_smile:

I am not really sure if the cli and example projects though is something I am looking for (would be good to have more complete tool). Also after two years it’s probably easier to start from scratch and maybe not introduce GO as another dependency (although it’s quite fun to use all major languages in every day development)

Maybe instead of talking I will first try to do something and then ask people for help.

I will be back.