Sage, Bedrock, Trellis with VPS WHM / Cpanel

I just rented a vps with WHM / Cpanel installed. Simple question, would I be able to use the full roots stack with this setup or would I need to manually configure vhosts myself (without whm)

Desperate to use the full roots worfklow for my clients websites but struggle with manual server management hence why I usually use Cpanel

In your case, you can (and should) use Trellis for local development. You won’t be able to use Trellis to provision your remote server since it’s already setup. Also, instead of using Trellis to deploy, you’ll need to also look into an alternative deployment method such as

Interesting, could you outline a development workflow using this method? A simple list would be great and then I could research each step myself.

I have currently have a mamp virtual host for my local bedrock install, I am struggling to get to grips with the deployment of my sites. I also thought Trellis was used for deployment so i’m not sure what you mean by using it for local development. Seems i’m missing a major part of the process somwhere

You don’t need to use Trellis to deploy sites or setup remote servers. Plenty Trellis users are using it only as a local development environment. You would use Trellis to replace MAMP.

Ah so Trellis is a production environment like Mamp, Vagrant

Development environment. MAMP/WAMP and Vagrant are used for local development environments.

Production environment would refer to a remote server.