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Sage black hole - looking for (paid) help

Hello community.

A few days ago I was quite happy with how things were going, my theme was starting to take shape and I was enjoying the new workflow, learning lots. After what seemed a simple error with the file path, I seem to have got into a bit of a mess which only seems to be getting messier with every new thing I try! I can’t get the theme rendering or compiling, and even starting over is not working. I would love some expert help and was wondering if anyone could spare a few (paid) hours of time to help me get my dev environment working, compiling and deploying effectively to my staging site.

I do have a github repository of work so far, and work on macOS.

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Can you give us an idea of what kinds of errors you’re getting?

Been working with sage - trellis - bedrock for a few years now. I can help if you’d like.

Thank you! I have a kind person who has already offered to help, but I’m really happy to see more in the community willing to reach out as well! I will definitely be in touch if I have further need for help which seems quite likely at this stage! Big learning curve :laughing:
Thanks again

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