Sage/Blade Outputting plain template code

I have one Wordpress install running on live environment (also previously correct on local).

When I tried to press Live Preview when editing menu’s on live, there was an error “helper missing”, i tried to solve it locally. But from that moment everything went down hill real quick…

When everything wasn’t working as intended, I tried to make a copy of live environment, but right now it is just outputting plain blade template code. I can see it is loading the correct template, but blade is not rendering anything. Eventhough I did not change any files copied from Live…

I think it’s an easy fix but I can’t wrap my head around it, I’ve tried several things for several hours now, I’m lost.

Image: . on left side you see the rendering template code, on right side you see the actual correct template.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks alot

EDIT: I uploaded this also to staging environment, when I tried to rewind the commit, nothing changed, the template is still outputting raw text. I think blade doing something to other files too, since I put the server to a previous working commit…

EDIT2: When I try to upload this wordpress theme to another website, and I select it. It’s giving me the same result: plain text, no templating.


Solution: I don’t know how, but when I imported the database from live environment, it start working again. I leave this post here with the solution incase someone else encounters this issue.

Note: When I created a new Sage Starter Theme, switch to that theme. Then when I try to swap back to my own theme, the database gets corrupted