Sage Custom Post Types

Here is what im trying to achieve.

A blog with a regular posts, and also custom post type categories that use their own template. So I tried using Poet. I got it setup, and configured and wp acorn vendor:publish selected poet and its all working fine.

However, when I create a post and try to view it in the browser, it says post not found. This is what I’m using for a config

'post' => [
        'topic' => [
            'enter_title_here' => 'Topic Topical Title',
            'menu_icon' => 'dashicons-image-filter',
            'supports' => ['title', 'editor', 'author', 'revisions', 'thumbnail', 'custom-fields', 'page-attributes', 'post-formats', 'excerpt'],
            'show_in_rest' => true,
            'has_archive' => false,
            'labels' => [
                'singular' => 'Topic',
                'plural' => 'Topics',

for some reason when I view /topics/ without a post name, it redirects me back to my home page too. So I feel like I have something messed up, but the docs make it seem like, a dead simple thing to get working.

Does anyone have any advice? Could acorn be conflicting with this somehow?

Thanks I really appreciate it!

PS: If anyone knows an easier way for me to assign custom page templates with sage please let me know, should I just try and use the default wordpress functions for doing this?

did you re-save your permalinks?