Sage doesn't work on PRODUCTION with Trellis/Bedrock


I had a website correctly working on production and staging before using Trellis/Bedrock/Sage. I think it was put online last year. Unfortunately we had a problem with the droplet on DigitalOcean and today I create a new one.

I successfully deployed the staging site (the theme is built using Sage9.0.1) and everything works perfectly fine. The theme is compiled and work as intended. I didn’t made any change to theme or anything.

But on production the theme shows a blank page and I don’t get any errors and I am going crazy. It was working before. Trellis and Bedrock are working because if I switch to the twentynineteen theme everything works. It has something to do with Sage and the theme. I tried to enable the debug on Bedrock under site/application.php and set Config::define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true) but I don’t see anything.

How is that possible? The database is the same as the staging one (just changed the sitename to match the live website).
Please help!

What do your error logs say?

Hello @alwaysblank thanks for the quick reply.
Which error log are you referring to?


Try to go to the wp-admin directly… navigate to the themes directory and see if you have a broken theme message - you might need to re-activate the theme?

Thank you. I have found the issue after digging on Google a lot.

Hope this helps!

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